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Criminal Law

Are you looking for an expert in criminal law?

Have you been the victim of a crime and do not know what your rights are or where to seek help? Or are you facing criminal charges and need legal help and a good criminal defence? If so, we recommend you seek out a criminal law specialist.

A criminal law specialist is an attorney who is able to guide you through all stages of the criminal proceedings.

To analyse the whole case and suggest further solutions. To represent the client in giving explanations, questioning witnesses and other investigative acts. To provide assistance even to persons held in detention or under arrest.
We also provide legal assistance for convicted persons, especially in the area of conditional release from imprisonment or conditional suspension of the execution of the remainder of the sentence, which is very often in the case of a driving ban or a ban on other activities.
We provide legal advice to victims of crime, including an explanation of the rights that victims can exercise in criminal proceedings. We prepare and file criminal charges. We advise on the possibility of psychological and financial assistance and of making claims for compensation for material or non-material damage.

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