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Services provided online

In order to increase convenience and speed up contact with us, we provide some legal services online. We thus provide a fast legal service in the case of a real estate donation or a real estate purchase agreement. Similarly, we can assist you in insolvency, debt relief, foreclosure, or debt recovery. We can provide you with advice and fast legal assistance in the field of family or employment law online.

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What is the online service?

Our law firm offers some selected legal services online. This is a high-quality, secure, and cost-effective service. The characteristic feature is that all communication and information transfer is done electronically. There is no need to meet in person and hand over documents in traditional paper form.

Advantages of the online service.

Simple, fast, and affordable service. You know exactly the content of the service and its price. You do not have to deal with parking or transportation to our office. We save each other time.

Price and Payment.

The price of the legal package is final, including VAT. Payment for the service is based on the issued tax invoice with the assigned variable symbol. We will send you an invoice to the email address you have specified after the provision of the legal service, the availability of which is conditional upon payment of the full price of the ordered legal package.

Information Security.

Although the service is provided using cyberspace, it is as secure as possible on our side. Our firm has implemented and uses an information security management system in accordance with the requirements of CSN/IEC 27001:2014.


Read more in terms and conditions of online services.

Real Estate Donation Agreement

Within the online legal packages of Donation of Real Estate, we distinguish two levels of services.
The Real Estate Donation Agreement includes drafting or revision of the donation agreement, drafting of a petition for registration with the competent Land Registry Office, and a legal consultation with a lawyer lasting 30 minutes, all in the shortest possible time, no later than 4 working days.
Price from 3.800 CZK incl. VAT.

In addition, when you purchase the Premium Real Estate Donation Agreement package, we will draw up an easement clause in the agreement, which must also be registered with the relevant Land Registry Office, or we will revise the donation agreement with the easement clause, provide you with a 60-minute legal consultation with an attorney and advise you on tax matters. All within 2 working days.
Price from 4.800 CZK incl. VAT.

The donation of real estate has its own specifics. We will point out possible risks and prepare everything for the smooth course of your entry and proceedings at the Land Registry Office.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

You need to be very cautious when buying and selling real estate. In most cases, this is a significant financial investment. If you order a Real Estate Purchase Agreement package , we will thoroughly discuss all the documents with you and ensure perfect legal preparation. The package includes a 30-minute consultation with an attorney and the preparation of the agreement including the proposal for entry into the Land Registry within 4 working days.
Price from 4.000 CZK incl. VAT.

In the Premium Real Estate Purchase Agreement package, we also deal with any encumbrances – easements or financing the purchase of the property via a loan. Of course, you will get a 60-minute legal consultation with an attorney and a quick processing of your requests.
Price from 5.000 CZK incl. VAT.

When buying or selling a property, we always recommend using the services of an attorney as part of the contractual arrangements. We will point out potential risks, offer attorney escrow for the purchase price and protection for the contracting parties. Our attorney’s escrow is good, safe and at the same time very affordable – Attorney’s Escrow. We will prepare a proposal for registration in the Land Registry and advise on subsequent tax matters.


Everything around the insolvency proceedings, the insolvency or execution itself is solved within the online Insolvency package. We offer a quick help, you can also contact us if you need a legal assistance with debt relief or debt recovery.
Price from 2.000 CZK incl. VAT.

Other online services

In addition to offering coherent packages of legal services we are also able to solve online different law areas with you. You can also contact us in case of family matters such as an application for divorce, a settlement of the joint assets of the spouses, arrangements for contact with a minor child and a custody of the minor child after divorce. We are also cooperating with other experts in the area of human resources, we deal with labour law issues, online we are able to help you in case of inspection and revision of employment contracts, agreements on the performance of the functions of the executive and others. We are preparing other coherent packages of legal services and online consultancy.

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