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Family Law

We help resolve life situations related to divorce or separation of life partners.
We strive to find the best path for you and your minor children. We advise on the division of marital community property so that you do not feel defrauded.
We look for the most favourable rules of agreement between the spouses to settle the conditions of the minor children and to ensure their quality of life needs through alimony. We assist in agreeing on sole, joint, or alternate custody of the children. As a divorce attorney, I represent clients in court hearings and have experience in dealing with the Office for the Protection of the Social Rights of Children. Our law firm regularly informs about interesting developments in the field of family law on our blog.

We work for your benefit and for the benefit of your children.

We support the client, with whom we communicate professionally, rationally and without emotional distress. First and foremost, we always try to reach a mutual agreement between the parents. We put the children’s interest first. We do not promise the impossible, but we fight.

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