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Legal Services

Family Law

We help resolve life situations related to divorce or separation of life partners.
We strive to find the best path for you and your minor children. We advise on the division of marital community property so that you do not feel defrauded.
We look for the most favourable rules of agreement between the spouses to settle the conditions of the minor children and to ensure their quality of life needs through alimony.

Corporate and Contract Law

Are you in business and do not know what to do with commercial contracts or terms and conditions? Are you setting up a company or want to withdraw from it? Are you a self-employed individual and need advice in your business? Have you had a disagreement with a business partner or associate? We are ready to help you.

Administrative Law

Are you looking for an expert in administrative law? Are you, or will you be, a party to an administrative proceeding and are concerned about the actions of the administrative authority? Are you dissatisfied with the outcome of a decision made by an administrative authority? Do you feel that the administrative authority is not acting in accordance with the Administrative Code, which defines public administration as a service to the public?

Criminal Law

Are you looking for an expert in criminal law?
Have you been the victim of a crime and do not know what your rights are or where to seek help? Or are you facing criminal charges and need legal help and a good criminal defence? If so, we recommend you seek out a criminal law specialist.
A criminal law specialist is an attorney who is able to guide you through all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Enforcement and Insolvency Law

Are you dealing with a difficult situation in your financial circumstances?
Do you need to deal with insolvency or are you facing foreclosure? Are you looking for an expert to advise you on how to move forward with your debt? How to get out of debt and back to normal life in the shortest possible time? Or are you on the creditor’s side and are vainly demanding to pursue your claim?

Intellectual property law

Are you thinking about registering a trademark? Are you considering applying for it at national or European level? Are you looking for a trademark registration expert? We provide trademark applications and other related services for our clients.

Other online services

In addition to offering coherent packages of legal services we are also able to solve online different law areas with you. You can also contact us in case of family matters such as an application for divorce, a settlement of the joint assets of the spouses, arrangements for contact with a minor child and a custody of the minor child after divorce. We are also cooperating with other experts in the area of human resources, we deal with labour law issues, online we are able to help you in case of inspection and revision of employment contracts, agreements on the performance of the functions of the executive and others. We are preparing other coherent packages of legal services and online consultancy.

Trust the experts

„Ignorance of the law is not absolved of responsibility.
But knowledge is often liberating.“


Stanislav Jerzy Lec